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O2 cat litter is made in Hong Kong using  “okara” or soybean pulp that is reclaimed from local soymilk and tofu manufacturers in Hong Kong.

Okara is a pulp consisting of insoluble parts of the soybean that is leftover in the production process of soymilk and tofu.  In Hong Kong, Okara is typically disposed in landfill, but we give a second purpose for this “waste” material as cat litter.   O2 stands for Okara 2.

Since O2 is plant based, it is completely biodegradable and can be conveniently flushed down your toilet (unlike clay based litter).  Alternatively, gardeners and farmers could also apply O2 as compost.  O2 litter works as an excellent liquid absorbent because dried soybean can capture 3 to 6 times its weight in water.We make O2 with only food grade ingredients. So that it is safe for cats, humans, cats and the planet.

Why soybean

Every day, Hong Kong soymilk and tofu manufacturers generate approximately 70 tons of soybean waste (okara), consisting primarily of water and soybean residue.

The majority of soybean waste is disposed in landfill and just a small  fraction is recovered as compost and animal feed.  In other countries, okara is valued for its high nutritional value, it has no economic value in Hong Kong due to limited of agriculture.